Voulme 02, Issue 01 (2017)

Association of Regional Precipitation patterns with the Dynamics of Anticyclone over the Subtropical Indian Ocean

Authors: Kamran Khan, Abdul Jamil Khan, Khudaija Ayub


The Zonal Movement of South Pacific& Indian High Pressure system’s in Austral Winter

Authors: Shahnilla H. Rizvi , Muhammad J.Iqbal


Preparation and characterization of carbon fiber reinforced phenolic resin-based plastics composites (CFRP)

Authors: Khurram Iqbal, Khudaija Ayub, Jawed Iqbal, Faisal Nawaz


Solar Energy Site selection in Sindh using Multi Criteria Decision Analysis and Geospatial Techniques

Authors: Hassan Amjad and Saad Malik


Wildfire Severity assessment using space-borne data

Authors: Zainab Sohail, Saad Malik


Voulme 01, Issue 02


Age Estimates of Universe: from Globular Clusters to Cosmological Modelsand Probes
Hira Fatima, Muzammil Mushtaqand m Syed Faisal Ur Rahman

Analysis of aerosol characteristics over two mega cities of Pakistan using long term AERONET observations
Muhammad Iftikhar, Khan AlamandWaqar Adil Syed

Integrated Satellite and GIS based Assessmentof Urbanization in Karachi Lubna Ghazal, Salman Zubair and Jamil H. Kazmi

Monitoring and Predicting Landuse/Land-cover Change Using an Integrated Markov Chain & Multilayer Perceptron Models: A Case Study of Sahiwal Tehsil

Perceptron Models: A Case Study of Sahiwal Tehsil

Sharjeel Masud, Zahir Ali, Mateeul Haq and Badar Munir Ghuri


Sea level pressure patterns associated with dry or wet wintertime rainfall conditions in Victorian
Abdul Jamil Khan, Kamran Khan and Absar Ahmed


Voulme 01, Issue 01

Gravitation Waves

Author: Asghar Qadir

SAR Image Reconstruction Algorithm Based on 2-D Sparse Decomposition and L0 Norm Optimization

Authors: Andon Lazarov and Dimitar Minchev


Variation in Aerosol Optical Depth and its Impact on Longwave Radiative Properties in Northern Areas of Pakistan

Authors: Samina Bibi, Khan Alam, Humera Bibi, Hidayat Ullah Khan, Bibi Safia Haq


Effects of Sunspot Cycles on Diurnal and Seasonal Trend of foF2

Authors: Muzammil Mushtaq, Syed Nazeer Alam, Faisal Ahmed Khan Afridi and Muhammad Ayaz Ameen


Strong Gravitational Lensing by a Black Hole in Scalar-Tensor-Vector Modified Gravity (MOG)

Authors: Saqib Hussain, Azka Younas and Mubasher Jamil