Authors Guidelines

Note to Authors (Download)

Authors’ Checklist for Manuscript Submission to JOGSS

Authors should use the following checklist guide in order to maximize the chance for their manuscript to be published and to ease our reviewers’ tasks in providing scientifically informed critique. We encourage you to carefully read “Note to Authors” and to use “A Sample From of a Manuscript for the JOGSS” given in the journal website (
General Issues

• Is your manuscript carefully proofread?
• Did you use the JOGSS format throughout your manuscript?
• Did you double check your references so that all are present, in order, and properly formatted?
• Are your figures and tables properly labeled and formatted (e.g., double-spaced for tables)?

• Have you checked the journal’s website for instructions to authors regarding specific formatting requirements for submission? Is the entire manuscript-including quotations, references, author note, and figure captions-double-spaced?
• Are the title page, abstract, references, appendices, tables, and figures on separate pages (with only one table or figure per page)?
• Are all pages numbered in sequence, starting with the title page?

Title Page and Abstract
• Does the byline reflect the institution or institutions where the work was conducted?
• Does the title page include the article title and byline (author’s affiliation)?
• Does the abstract range between 150 and 250 words?
• Does 5 keywords are present?

Paragraphs and Headings
• Is each paragraph longer than a single sentence but not longer than one manuscript
• Do the levels of headings accurately reflect the organization of the paper?
• Are unnecessary abbreviations eliminated and necessary ones explained?
• Are abbreviations in tables and figures explained in the table notes and figure captions
or legends?

• Are references cited both in text and in the reference list?
• Do the text citations and reference list entries agree both in spelling and in date?
• Are journal titles in the reference list spelled out according to the journal guideline?
• Are the references ordered alphabetically by the authors’ surnames?

Tables and Figures
• Does every table column, including the stub column, have a heading?
• Are all tables referred to in text?
• Are the elements in the figures large enough to remain legible after the figure has
been reduced to the width of a journal column or page?
• Has the figure been prepared at a resolution sufficient to produce a high-quality image?
• Are all figures numbered consecutively with Arabic numerals?
• Are all figures and tables mentioned in the text and numbered in the order in which
they are mentioned?
• Is the resolution of each figure higher than 300 dpi ?