Aims and Scope


Humanity has always strived to learn more about the universe and go farther into space. Journal of GeoSpace Science is an endeavor to promote knowledge sharing and encourage research in various areas which help humanity in exploring the new frontiers in geo-space sciences, solar system physics, astronomy and other related disciplines.

Last few decades have witnessed some real significant progress in GeoSpace Science and related areas. Advancements in data analysis, observational and simulation techniques are helping humanity in developing and testing new theories and techniques. Another important aspect is the advancement of technologies in the form of satellites, satellite launch vehicles, space based experimentations and high performance computing infrastructure. We have the best opportunity in humanity’s history to apply individual and collective knowledge base and resources in exploring the un-known territories.

Journal of GeoSpace Science invites researchers from all over the world to submit their articles for publication in our journal. Currently, our emphasis is on the following areas:

Gravitation Physics
Astrodynamics / Space Flight Dynamics
Computational Fluid Dynamics
Ionospheric Physics
Space Plasma Physics
Satellite Communication
Antenna Theory
Remote Sensing & GIS
Atmospheric Science
Climate dynamics
Solar-Terrestrial Relationship
Environmental sciences
Physical Oceanography